Explainers • October 2015

Rachel Ormston
Do we feel European and does it matter?

This¬†briefing from NatCen's Head of Social Attitudes Rachel Ormston looks at the importance of identity for the…

Rachel Ormston 28 October 2015
Professor Iain Begg
Evolution of EU economic governance – issue 1

The two main developments over the summer of 2015 were the publication, towards the end of June,…

Professor Iain Begg 26 October 2015
Professor Simon Hix
Is the UK Marginalised in the EU?

One key issue in the debate about whether the UK should remain in the European Union is…

Professor Simon Hix 19 October 2015 ,

The initiative will provide an authoritative and independent reference point for those looking for information and insights about UK-EU relations. The views expressed in these analysis posts are those of the authors and not necessarily those of The UK in a Changing Europe.

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