Brexit: the public’s half-time verdict

Our Research leader Professor John Curtice reveals his latest results from a unique survey tracking attitudes towards Brexit. This event is kindly sponsored by Ian Austin MP.


  • Professor John Curtice, Senior Research Fellow, NatCen and The UK in a Changing Europe programme
  • Stephen Kinnock, Member of the Select Committee on Exiting the European Union

​The Brexit process is now at the half-time stage, at least so far as the timeline between the referendum and the proposed withdrawal date is concerned. But what do the public make of the process so far? Is there any evidence that they have changed their minds about what the Brexit deal should contain? Are there any signs of second thoughts about Brexit – or of greater support for leaving? And what impact is Brexit having on the pattern of party support?

These key questions will be addressed at a presentation by Professor John Curtice of the latest wave of results from NatCen’s unique random probability sample that has been tracking attitudes towards Brexit since last year’s referendum.

Venue: Committee room 9, Palace of Westminster, London.

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