Brexit: where do we go from here?

The panel will bring their joint expertise to probe the Brexit riddle in its current state:

  • where are we now? where could things go from here?
  • what effective action is possible to improve the chances of a least-worst outcome?
  • is the public changing its mind about Brexit? It is allowed to change its mind? does it think it can change its mind?
  • how much evidence of change in public opinion is required to give mainstream Conservative and Labour politicians permission to question Brexit and call for a rethink?
  • what, in this setting, is the right strategy for pro-EU and pro-Remain groups?


Admission is free, but please do register. This is a a public panel discussion organized by Oxford for Europe. Ian Dunt will be signing copies at the event of the new edition of his acclaimed book on Brexit.

Venue: Cowley Road, Methodist Centre, Oxford

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