Disunited kingdom: devolution, deals and Brexit

In the years since the UK’s accession to the European Union, the devolution of powers granted to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been established within the framework of a relationship with the EU. So does the nature and function of these devolved powers change if the UK leaves the EU?

This event will discuss the challenges Brexit raises for the devolved administrations. The panellists will analyse how leaving the EU will affect each country’s external relations, internal workings and relationships with Westminster and the European Union.

They will also discuss the feasibility – both legally and politically – for a differentiated Brexit. Could Scotland stay in the single market? How will Wales ensure continued infrastructure funding? And how will Northern Ireland negotiate its future relationship with the Republic of Ireland if outside the single market and the EU Customs Union?


  • Iain Macwhirter, Political Commentator, The Herald
  • Professor David Phinnemore, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Hugh Rawlings, Director, Constitutional Affairs and Inter-governmental Relations, the Welsh Government
  • Professor Richard G Whitman, Visiting Senior Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House
  • Chair: Dame Mariot Leslie, Advisor, Standing Council on Europe, Scottish Government; Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House

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