Immigration after Brexit

Professor Jonathan Portes, is giving a special evening seminar on ‘Immigration after Brexit’.

The growth in immigration from the rest of the EU to the UK was a central issue in the referendum. In this talk Professor Portes will cover the potential impacts of Brexit on immigration economics. What do we know about the impacts of immigration on the UK economy and labour market? What will happen to the three million plus EU citizens who now live in the UK and the one million Brits living elsewhere in the EU? How will UK immigration policy, both towards EU citizens and those from outside the EU, change after Brexit?

The event is free to attend, but registration is essential. Please register here.

For further information please contact Dr Gemma Catney (

Venue: Lesley Hearnshaw lecture theatre, Eleanor Rathbone Building, Bedford Street South,Lesley Hearnshaw lecture theatre, Liverpool

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