Immigration: what do voters really want, and what does Britain need?

Is the sort of migration policy that would be required by EEA membership still just about sellable to a significant number of voters? Could some of the political energy currently being devoted to “stop-Brexit” campaigns be better spent on making a more positive and nuanced case for an open immigration policy?

Broadly, how can the UK economy respond to a future with fewer EEA migrants: if UK nationals need higher wages to draw them into low-skill jobs, what are the implications of that? Or will employers automate instead of hiring more expensive Brits?


  • Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough
  • Jonathan Thomas, Migration Researcher, SMF
  • Maria Sobolewska, Brexit research leader at The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Adam Drummond, Senior Research Manager and Partner, Opinium
  • Chair: James Kirkup, SMF Director

Loic Beuzit: Head of Events and Partnerships, 07496572007

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