One year till Brexit: are we nearly there yet?

The UK is committed to leaving the European Union in 12 months, but there are few signs of agreement among politicians on even a basic framework for how it will work nor the ideal shape of the country’s future relationship with Europe. This public debate will discuss the economic and legal complications of Brexit; the likely impact of alternative outcomes on businesses and households; the effects on different income groups, different industrial sectors and different regions; and the view from abroad.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Meredith Crowley – Brexit research leader at The UK in a Changing Europe and University Lecturer in Economics at Cambridge
  • Professor Michael C. Burda- Research Fellow, Humboldt University Berlin
  • Dr Emily Lydgate – Lecturer in Environmental Law, University of Sussex. Fellow of the UK Trade Policy Observatory
  • Professor L. Alan Winters – Professor of Economics, University of Sussex
  • Gemma Tetlow – Economics Correspondent for the Financial Times (chair)

This event is sponsored by the RES, Royal Economics Society in conjunction with the University of Sussex

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