The defence implications of Brexit

As the UK begins to untie it’s relationship with the European Union, we have joined up with RUSI to explore the defence implications of Brexit.

We will be bringing together a collection of speakers from RUSI, The UK in a Changing Europe, and a range of other think tanks and organisations to assess the UK-EU defence and security relationship.

The UK is Western Europe’s foremost military and intelligence power, and its influence on European security will be remain pivotal via NATO and other forums. The question however is whether its political influence over European security matters will diminish over time.

Speakers will include:

  • Sophia Besch, Centre for European Reform
  • Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General, RUSI
  • Sir Robert Cooper, LSE IDEAS
  • Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director, RUSI
  • Rem Korteweg, Centre for European Reform
  • Bruno Maçães, Partner at Flint Global and former Minister of Europe, Government of Portugal (2013-2015)
  • Professor Anand Menon, Director, The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Sir Christopher Meyer KCMG, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI
  • Sir Peter Ricketts GCMG GCVO, Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI
  • Dr Peter Roberts, Director of Military Sciences, RUSI
  • James de Waal, Chatham House
  • Nick Witney, ECFR
  • Professor Richard G. Whitman, Director of the Global Europe Centre, University of Kent

To register and to download the full programme please click here. If you have any queries please contact Lieke Bos at

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