The future of climate change post-Brexit

Looking to the future post-Brexit, the International Energy Agency estimates that replacing Europe’s ageing energy infrastructure and transforming the system to enable de-carbonisation will cost £700bn. Meanwhile, the UK Government estimates that between 2015-2021 domestic infrastructure investment will cost £274bn.

According to the European Commission, regional coordination is considered crucial to tackling climate change and leading global de-carbonisation efforts. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, a new model for cooperation will be built. This breakfast meeting will:

  • Explore how new relationships with the European Union to tackle climate change may function
  • Discuss where responsibility for climate change enforcement standards will reside in UK Government
  • Consider the impact of Brexit on projects aiming to increase continent-wide interconnection, such as the North Sea Electricity Free Trade Area.


  • Angela Smith MP, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee
  • Professor Charlotte Burns, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield
  • Rebecca Heaton, Head of Sustainability, Drax Group

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