Why Britain voted to leave the European Union?

To mark the launch of Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union this event will include a short presentation of the book’s key findings and then a panel discussion on ‘Where did Remain go wrong? Reflections on the 2016 referendum’. The panelists include those who played leading roles in the 2016 referendum campaign, variously advising Stronger In, Prime Minister David Cameron or Vote Leave.

Speakers include

  • Lord Cooper of Windrush (former Director of Strategy in the Prime Minister’s Office and co-founder of Populus),
  • Trevor Phillips (broadcaster and former member of the Britain Stronger In board),
  • Gisela Stuart (Labour MP and former Chair and leader of the Vote Leave campaign committee),
  • Professor Matthew Goodwin, senior fellow of The UK in a Changing Euorpe and co-author of the book

Doors open at 6:15. Please note this event is invite only.

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