Professor Catherine Barnard
To EEA or not to EEA?

One of the key issues which the Prime Minister must set out in her Brexit plans will…

Professor Catherine Barnard 16 January 2017
Professor Alison Harcourt
The EU’s digital single market

What is the DSM? The Digital Single Market (DSM) is the largest component of the Single Market…

Professor Alison Harcourt 20 December 2016
Professor Catherine Barnard
The customs union

What is it? A customs union is an area in which there are: (1) no tariffs (charges)…

Professor Catherine Barnard 19 December 2016 ,
Dr Costantino Grasso
Europol: its origins, functions, and future development

What is Europol? The European Police Office (Europol) is one of the most ambitious European projects in…

Dr Costantino Grasso 6 December 2016
Dr John Paul Salter
What is Article 50?

What is Article 50? Article 50 is the article of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) which…

Dr John Paul Salter 5 December 2016
Professor Matt Qvortrup
The political (micro) economy of the Brexit referendum: an application of public choice

There were many reasons why a majority of the British voters opted for ‘Brexit’ and voted to…

Professor Matt Qvortrup 25 November 2016
Professor Stephen Weatherill
What is Brexit?

 Credit: speedpropertybuyers.co.uk What is Brexit? Brexit means that the UK will leave the EU. Brexit means that…

Professor Stephen Weatherill 28 October 2016 ,
Professor Catherine Barnard
Could free movement of persons be confined to free movement of workers in any Brexit deal?

Could free movement of persons be confined to free movement of workers in any Brexit deal? Read…

Professor Catherine Barnard 18 October 2016

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