Professor Stephen Weatherill
The (absence of) legal significance of ‘ever closer union’

On the 5 January a debate about the UK’s renegotiation of its terms of membership of the EU…

Professor Stephen Weatherill 27 January 2016
Dr Alan Renwick
What happens if we vote for Brexit?

2016 looks likely to be the year in which voters get to decide whether the UK will…

Dr Alan Renwick 20 January 2016
Professor Iain Begg
Evolution of EU economic governance – issue 2

The end of the calendar year is always a busy time in the EU’s economic governance cycle…

Professor Iain Begg 18 January 2016
Professor Jonathan Portes
How small is small? The impact of immigration on UK wages

The publication of a new paper on the impact of immigration to the UK on wages was…

Professor Jonathan Portes 17 January 2016
Professor Simon Hix
The policy successes (and failures) of UK MEPs

In a recent post I analysed the success and failure of UK MEPs, in terms of how…

Professor Simon Hix 13 January 2016
Professor Iain Begg
The EU budget – a tough nut for the UK?

What is it and how is it seen from a UK perspective? The EU budget funds various…

Professor Iain Begg 18 December 2015
Professor Simon Hix
UK MEPs lose most in the European Parliament

In recent posts I have looked at policy outcomes, voting records and policy-makers’ connections to analyse whether the…

Professor Simon Hix 17 December 2015
Key characteristics of EU migrant citizens in the UK

In the earlier years of the European Union, the number of citizens of EU Member States exercising…

Various 11 December 2015

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