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Comfortable leavers: the expectations and hopes of the overlooked Brexit voters

This briefing paper draws on workshops conducted by NatCen in summer 2020 with a group of voters we have labelled ‘Comfortable Leavers’….

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May local elections: what’s at stake?

Comfortable Leavers report launch

Profile of the Leave vote: hopes and expectations for Brexit

Tax and the TCA: understanding the EU’s thinking on tax

Who are the ‘comfortable’ Leavers and what were their hopes?

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Jill Rutter on Times Radio: Greensill affair

18 Apr 2021

Professor Charlotte Burns

Rethinking environmental policy after Brexit

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What is a dispute resolution process?

Dispute resolution is the mutually agreed process by which disagreements over the interpretation, application or breach of a trade agreement can be resolved between parties.

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The UK’s changing...


May 2021 elections: what is at stake?

Why is 6 May a big election day? Outside a general election or a nationwide referendum, the May 2021 elections constitute an…

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The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

Why is there a Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland? Brexit meant that the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland became an external border…

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Mobility rights for service providers and the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Why does mobility matter? The ability to provide services across borders is critical to the success of the sector. Business offering professional…

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The civil service and Brexit

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02 Mar 2021

Brexit and Beyond: economy

01 Mar 2021

Brexit and Beyond: public opinion

22 Feb 2021