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16 Nov 2020

A UK-EU deal is needed for Northern Ireland

There’s been a lot of speculation about the impact of the Biden presidency on Brexit and for the island of Ireland. But…

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Brexit and Beyond podcast with Danny Dorling

Keir Starmer must expose the government’s shortcomings on Brexit

Sovereignty and Brexit: control of what exactly?

The gaping Brexit hole in the Chancellor’s budget statement

Biden time for the transatlantic relationship?

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Meg Russell on Times Radio: House of Lords reform

24 Nov 2020

Professor Charlotte Burns

Rethinking environmental policy after Brexit

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What is the Internal Market Bill?

The Internal Market Bill was introduced by the UK government to prepare for the end of the Brexit transition period.

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The UK’s changing...


What does a level playing field mean?

What is a level playing field? Level playing field rules are designed to ensure that firms making the same products can compete…

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Fishing: why is it such a tricky issue in UK-EU negotiations?

Fishing is a controversial issue because it is one of the few negotiating red lines that both the UK and the EU…

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Ratification of a Brexit deal

If the UK and EU reach a deal on a future relationship agreement, the deal needs to be ratified. What does that…

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Brexit and Covid: Experts – who needs ‘em?

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