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Mark D’Arcy on his career at the BBC and how Brexit has changed Parliament

In this week’s episode of UKICE (I Tell), Anand Menon interviews Mark D’Arcy, a former parliamentary correspondent at the BBC. In Mr…

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Kicking the can down the road? The continued precarity of EU pre-settled status

Labour’s Brexit policy faces a hard collision with reality

Slovakia’s elections: big decisions, but not necessarily decisive  

Upward mobility? Earnings trajectories for recent immigrants

Starmer meets Macron: making friends for the future

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Uk in a Changing Europe on BBC Question Time

27 Jul 2023

Catch up on our economics panel discussion on the current economic climate, the cost of living crisis, Covid-19 and Brexit.

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What is an interim measure (or Rule 39 order) of the European Court of Human Rights?

Interim measures (or ‘Rule 39 orders’) are urgent orders issued by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) on an exceptional basis, where there is a ‘real risk of serious and irreversible harm’. Interim measures are typically requested where a person faces a risk to their life or a risk that they may suffer torture or inhuman or degrading treatment, for example, when they are imprisoned, or if they are sent to another country.

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The UK’s changing...



After repeated delays, the UK government has set out its semiconductor strategy. Peter Jurkovic explains what semiconductors are and why they have…

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine


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