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21 Sep 2021

New academic report shows many countries see major opportunities with ‘Global Britain’

Many countries see major opportunities to expand economic, political and security ties with the UK post-Brexit, a new academic report finds. ‘Global…

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German elections preview

Levelling up: the (surprisingly long) history

Can Michael Gove make a difference from MHCLG?

Party financing in the UK: nice slogan – shame about the solution

Merkel and the UK: a shared vision but a lack of understanding

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How we marked the fifth anniversary of the EU referendum

23 Jul 2021

Jac Larner

National identity and political attitudes

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What is a dispute resolution process?

Dispute resolution is the mutually agreed process by which disagreements over the interpretation, application or breach of a trade agreement can be resolved between parties.

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The UK’s changing...


Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol

A lot of attention has been placed on Article 16 of the Withdrawal Agreement’s Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. But what is it,…

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House prices: should we welcome a crash?

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