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28 Apr 2021

Will Greensill be a Barnard Castle-sized issue for the Tories?

A month into the 2017 general election campaign, Nick Robinson and the Today programme conducted a focus group in The Old Cock…

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John Curtice on BBC Radio Wales: Scotland and the local elections

Paula Surridge on BBC Radio Wales: how significant are the local elections?

Local Elections in England: the five councils to watch

Isolation Insight: The Scottish Parliament election

Post-Brexit trade: has the Government achieved its aims?

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Alan Wager on ITV Peston: voters and news stories – do people actually care?

28 Apr 2021

Professor Charlotte Burns

Rethinking environmental policy after Brexit

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What is a dispute resolution process?

Dispute resolution is the mutually agreed process by which disagreements over the interpretation, application or breach of a trade agreement can be resolved between parties.

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The UK’s changing...


UK citizens in the EU: what you need to know

Freedom of movement between the UK and EU stopped with the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020. The rights…

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May 2021 elections: what is at stake?

Why is 6 May a big election day? Outside a general election or a nationwide referendum, the May 2021 elections constitute an…

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The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

Why is there a Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland? Brexit meant that the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland became an external border…

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The civil service and Brexit

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