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UK in a Changing Europe is an academic think tank providing impartial, research-based analysis of the critical issues facing the UK. We are funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and hosted by King’s College London.

Led by Professor Anand Menon and supported by an in-house team, UKICE works with its Senior Fellows and numerous other academics to promote quality, timely and accessible social science research. We provide a platform allowing academics across the UK and beyond to ensure their research reaches a wider audience.

Our work explores the numerous domestic challenges confronting the UK, its evolving relationship with the European Union, and its place in the world. Within these three broad themes, our research draws on experts on politics, society, economics and law.

Research programmes

The UK after Brexit

Social, political, constitutional and economic developments in the UK.

Areas of interest include:
• the political and constitutional structure of the UK;
• the post-Brexit development of the UK economy;
• the impact of Brexit on conceptions of UK identities and culture;
• the emerging policy agenda
• the realignment of the UK’s party and political system.

UK-EU relations

The UK’s relationship with, and developments within, the EU.

Research is needed not only on the changing nature of the formal relationship, but on the extent and limits of informal cooperation, the extent of regulatory divergence
and its implications, the shifting forms taken by economic cooperation and competition, and developments within the EU itself.

The UK in the world

The international environment in which the UK operates.

In an increasingly unstable world, international politics has become much more salient. Moreover, the development of politics and policy within the UK cannot be neatly separated from the international environment in which it operates.


UKICE works closely with a wide range of organisations and individuals on research projects, events, podcasts and more.

We are always happy to discuss potential new collaborations.

Our people

Director Anand Menon heads the in-house team, supported by Deputy Directors Sarah Hall and Paul Surridge and an expert advisory group that convenes twice yearly.

The in-house team includes research, communications and operations staff based at King’s College London’s Policy Institute. UKICE also works closely with a panel of Senior Fellows, who lead research projects in universities throughout the UK.

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