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Core vs swing voters: unpacking Labour’s electoral dilemma

Dr Zain Mohyuddin

Zain Mohyuddin compares Labour’s core supporters with the swing voters the party is trying to appeal to, exploring where they differ on…

Can Starmer ‘clean up’ UK lobbying?

Dr Ben Worthy and Dr Michele Crepaz

07 Feb 2024

Jeffrey Donaldson Northern Ireland deal

The Northern Ireland deal offers meaningful change – if Westminster keeps its word

Joël Reland

02 Feb 2024

Politicians need to do more than follow the rules for the public to trust them

Alex Walker

01 Feb 2024

Northern Ireland is in acute crisis and treatment is being withheld

Professor Katy Hayward

18 Jan 2024

Local government Birmingham

Is selling off assets the right solution to the crisis in local government finance?

Jack Shaw

11 Jan 2024

The UK internal market: a four nations strategy on vaping?

Dr Thomas Horsley

11 Dec 2023

Hull English devolution

The direction of travel for English devolution – a matter of perspective

Dr Jack Newman and Dr James Hickson

24 Nov 2023

Public voice and economic policy

Dr Christopher Holmes

21 Nov 2023

Unpacking the Supreme Court’s Rwanda decision

Dr Joelle Grogan

16 Nov 2023

Covid inquiry government

Lurid language should not distract from wider lessons at the Covid Inquiry

Jill Rutter

03 Nov 2023

Foreign Office

How the Foreign Office does crisis 

Lord McDonald

27 Oct 2023

The enduring influence of Brexit on attitudes towards democracy

Chujan Sivathasan

24 Oct 2023

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