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Core vs swing voters: unpacking Labour’s electoral dilemma

Dr Zain Mohyuddin

Zain Mohyuddin compares Labour’s core supporters with the swing voters the party is trying to appeal to, exploring where they differ on…

Northern Ireland power-sharing Stormont

The restoration of power-sharing in Northern Ireland: back to the old routine?

Dr Peter McLoughlin

16 Feb 2024

Jeffrey Donaldson Northern Ireland deal

The Northern Ireland deal offers meaningful change – if Westminster keeps its word

Joël Reland

02 Feb 2024

SNP election campaign launch

For Scotland: the SNP’s general election campaign launch

Dr Stephanie Luke

22 Jan 2024


The case for greater devolved involvement in the UK-EU relationship

Huw Irranca-Davies

19 Jan 2024

Northern Ireland is in acute crisis and treatment is being withheld

Professor Katy Hayward

18 Jan 2024

The UK internal market: a four nations strategy on vaping?

Dr Thomas Horsley

11 Dec 2023

Hull English devolution

The direction of travel for English devolution – a matter of perspective

Dr Jack Newman and Dr James Hickson

24 Nov 2023

Humza Yousaf

Mr Yousaf’s conference challenge

Professor John Curtice

13 Oct 2023

Will support for Scottish independence go away?

Professor Lindsay Paterson

11 Sep 2023

Northern Ireland’s vicious cycle of governance failure

Professor Colin Murray

16 Aug 2023

Chris Heaton-Harris Northern Ireland Secretary

Destructive ambiguity – Northern Ireland, the Union and the Windsor Framework

Andrew McCormick

29 Jun 2023

Deposit return scheme

The intergovernmental relations system and Scotland’s deposit return scheme

Alex Walker

02 Jun 2023

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