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Core vs swing voters: unpacking Labour’s electoral dilemma

Dr Zain Mohyuddin

Zain Mohyuddin compares Labour’s core supporters with the swing voters the party is trying to appeal to, exploring where they differ on…

Can the UK learn from the new EU approach to fiscal governance?

Professor Iain Begg

12 Feb 2024

EU enlargement

Will 2024 bring a new momentum for EU enlargement?

Dr Magdalena Frennhoff Larsén

01 Feb 2024

How strong is public support for Ukraine in Europe? 


30 Jan 2024

EU enlargement remains on life support, despite the opening of negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova

Professor John O'Brennan

22 Jan 2024

Maritime security cooperation in the Red Sea: towards flexible European approaches?

Gesine Weber

17 Jan 2024

Border and migration politics and the Kremlin’s hybrid war

Dr Svitlana Odynets and Professor Kathryn Cassidy

12 Jan 2024

Dutch elections Gert Wilders

Lessons from the Netherlands on the rise of the populist radical right

Dr Léonie de Jonge and Dr Stijn van Kessel

18 Dec 2023

Xi Jinping China

Russia’s war in Ukraine: mapping China’s perceptions about the United States, the EU and Russia

Dr Angela Pennisi di Floristella and Dr Xuechen Chen

08 Dec 2023

How British Brexit politics reshaped Europeans’ views of the EU

Dr Giorgio Malet and Professor Stefanie Walter

07 Dec 2023

What next for the new pro-EU coalition in Poland?

Kamila Kwapińska

30 Nov 2023

The debt brake and Germany’s international competitiveness

Professor Mark Hallerberg

30 Nov 2023

EU asylum Italy

The EU’s new asylum strategy: can the competition of member states be stopped?

Professor Florian Trauner

28 Nov 2023

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