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13 Feb 2024

Total number of press mentions this quarter: 1411

We kicked off the new political year in the Daily Express with an opinion piece on why politicians must be honest about the problems facing the UK. This was on the back of the Full Fact report which was covered by The Independent.

This was soon followed by the launch of our EIB report which was covered by The Guardian, City AM and has been cited in various news outlets since.

Alongside the EIB report, we launched the TCA review which was perfectly timed for Keir Starmer’s visit to Paris. Our report boosted coverage of the meeting, leading the rolling politics live coverage on The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph. It was also picked up by the Daily Mail, RTE, Financial Times as well as BBC News and the Today programme. Contributors were invited on to BBC News to discuss the report.

As party conference season began, UKICE had a presence at Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and SNP this year. Media-wise, the Unlocked with Lee Anderson generated significant press coverage as it was well attended by the lobby and featured prominently on BBC, Channel 4 and ITV news that evening. The Anderson event was covered by the majority of daily newspapers such as Daily Mail, The I, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Daily Express as well as political magazines such as The Spectator and the New Statesman.

The SNP conference was covered by the Irish Times while previous Unlocked events continued to be referenced in the media, such as Neil Kinnock in The Independent and Michael Heseltine in The Times Diary.  At the Labour party conference we launched our report on Bregret which generated coverage in The Independent, the Daily Mirror and RTE.  We spoke about the report with Nigel Farage on GB News and it has been cited by various commentators since.

In November there was significant interest in the Divergence Tracker which was picked up by the Daily Mail. It was reported that Post-Brexit divergence between UK and EU rules is not being systematically tracked by the government. It was covered by an editorial in The Economist as well.


In December, the state of public opinion report was covered by columnists such as Adam Boulton, Rafael Behr Paul Waugh and Robert Colville, as well as featuring on the Guardian politics live coverage at various points.

Beyond events and reports, there was a wide range of media appearances by Senior Fellows speaking on Channel 4 news re HS2, as well as regular appearances on Newsnight, Sky News, Times Radio, Radio 4 and LBC.

As the Rwanda Bill progressed through Parliament, we became prominent in the media speaking on this subject to The Times, writing in the Daily Express, and appearing on GB News as well as Analysis and BBC News.

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