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Northern Ireland is in acute crisis and treatment is being withheld

Professor Katy Hayward

18 Jan 2024

Northern Ireland

The Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement at 25: a matter of trust

Ben Rosher and Professor Katy Hayward

11 Apr 2023

UK-EU deal Northern Ireland

How will a UK-EU deal land in Northern Ireland?

Professor David Phinnemore and Professor Katy Hayward

24 Feb 2023

Northern Ireland elections

Languishing in limbo: whither democracy in Northern Ireland?

Professor Katy Hayward

15 Feb 2023

UK-EU Protocol

Future-proofing a UK-EU deal for Northern Ireland must begin now

Professor David Phinnemore and Professor Katy Hayward

27 Jan 2023

Protocol Bill

Northern Ireland Protocol Bill – not enough and far too much?

Professor Katy Hayward

11 Oct 2022

Northern Ireland election

Northern Ireland – is another election just around the corner?

Professor Katy Hayward

02 Aug 2022

UK border

Dover disruption – is this the new normal for Britain’s border?

Professor Katy Hayward and Tony Smith

01 Aug 2022

Northern Ireland Protocol Bill blog

The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill : “by necessity”

Professor Katy Hayward

15 Jun 2022

Protocol Hayward blog

The constraints and consequences of Protocol tactics

Professor Katy Hayward

15 May 2022

ni assembly election

What just happened in Northern Ireland and what does it mean?

Professor Katy Hayward

09 May 2022

attitudes to the northern ireland protocol blog

What does the Northern Irish public think about the Protocol?

Professor David Phinnemore and Professor Katy Hayward

05 May 2022

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