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Brexit, for the record

UK in a Changing Europe’s Brexit Witness Archive brings together the experiences of the people that shaped the Brexit process: the campaigners, the politicians, the civil servants and the officials that were involved in the process of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

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It was very unpleasant. I felt the sooner I could get out of the House of Commons the better, at that point.
Oliver Letwin
I certainly never saw it as part of my role to get Brexit done, or to help the Government to get Brexit done, in that Parliament.
John Bercow
The majority of Labour Party members voted Remain and lived in Remain seats. Sometimes it is easier to say what the members want to hear.
Caroline Flint
I was so angry with the Government over their behaviour, the prorogation. I was up for a fight, frankly. I quite enjoyed it.
David Gauke
The whole focus of the Remain campaign was on such a transactional economic basis that didn't touch people's deeper sense of the values of Britain.
Caroline Lucas
I always said that if it came to the European elections, any party that stood in them for Brexit would win hands down.
Claire Fox

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