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Brexit, for the record

UK in a Changing Europe’s Brexit Witness Archive brings together the experiences of the people that shaped the Brexit process: the campaigners, the politicians, the civil servants and the officials that were involved in the process of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

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My view is that any border issues could have been dealt with, and dealt with easily.
Sammy WIlson
At the end of the day if you have got a clash between the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State, who's going to win?
David Davis
It was a caricature to say the civil service was irredeemably Remain. It wasn't, and definitely the Home Office wasn't.
Mark Sedwill
Above all else, I want to see honesty to farmers about the road that they are on from our political leaders.
Minette Batters
We referred to ourselves as a start-up, like 10 or 15 people trying to find a computer and an office.
Stefaan De Rynck
It's hard for people who want to export to the EU. It just is. And I resent the fact that people are nobody is honest about that.
Amber Rudd
I always said that if it came to the European elections, any party that stood in them for Brexit would win hands down.
Claire Fox

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