Brexit Research

Professor Helen Drake
28+ perspectives on Brexit: a guide to the negotiations
Research Leader: Professor Helen Drake Loughborough University
 Professor Anthony Heath
Attitude formation and change in the run-up to Brexit
Research Leader: Professor Anthony Heath University of Oxford
Professor Colin Harvey
Brexit and Northern Ireland
Research Leader: Professor Colin Harvey Queen's University of Belfast
Professor Jonathan Portes
Brexit and UK and EU immigration policy
Research Leader: Professor Jonathan Portes King's College London
Professor Charlotte Burns
Brexit and UK environmental governance
Research Leader: Professor Charlotte Burns University of Sheffield
Professor Raquel Ortega Argiles
Brexit’s economic impact on the UK, its regions, cities and sectors
Research Leader: Professor Raquel Ortega Argiles University of Birmingham
Professor Simon Marginson
Brexit, trade, migration and higher education
Research Leader: Professor Simon Marginson University College London
Dr Carmen Hubbard
Brexit: how might UK agriculture survive or thrive?
Research Leader: Dr Carmen Hubbard Newcastle University
Dr Michaela Benson
Brexpats: Britons resident in the EU
Research Leader: Dr Michaela Benson Goldsmiths College
Dr Alan Renwick
Citizens’ assembly on Brexit
Research Leader: Dr Alan Renwick University College London
Professor Laura Cram
Citizens’ expectations on Brexit
Research Leader: Professor Laura Cram University of Edinburgh
Dr Nando Sigona
EU families and ‘eurochildren’ in Brexiting Britain
Research Leader: Dr Nando Sigona University of Birmingham
Professor Jean McHale
Health law outside the EU
Research Leader: Professor Jean McHale University of Birmingham
Professor Hussein Kassim
Negotiating Brexit: national governments, EU institutions and the UK
Research Leader: Professor Hussein Kassim University of East Anglia
Professor Adam Cygan
Parties, Parliament and the Brexit process
Research Leader: Professor Adam Cygan University of Leicester
Sir John Curtice
Public preferences and reactions during the Brexit process
Research Leader: Sir John Curtice National Centre for Social Research
Dr Maria Sobolewska
The ‘Brexit referendum’ and identity politics in Britain
Research Leader: Dr Maria Sobolewska University of Manchester
Professor Rachel Griffith
The economic impacts of post-Brexit trade options
Research Leader: Professor Rachel Griffith Institute for Fiscal Studies
Dr Thomas Sampson
The economics of Brexit
Research Leader: Dr Thomas Sampson The London School of Economics
Dr Swati Dhingra
The microeconomic consequences of Brexit
Research Leader: Dr Swati Dhingra London School of Economics
Professor Nicola McEwen
The repatriation of competences: implications for devolution
Research Leader: Professor Nicola McEwen University of Edinburgh
Professor John Garry
The UK/Ireland border
Research Leader: Professor John Garry Queen's University of Belfast
Dr Meredith Crowley
Trade policy, exchange rate shocks, trade volumes and prices in post-Brexit Britain
Research Leader: Dr Meredith Crowley University of Cambridge
Dr Craig McAngus
UK fisheries policy post-Brexit: multi-level challenges and opportunities
Research Leader: Dr Craig McAngus University of West Scotland
Professor Sara Hobolt
What “Brexit means Brexit” means to citizens
Research Leader: Professor Sara Hobolt London School of Economics & Political science

The initiative will provide an authoritative and independent reference point for those looking for information and insights about UK-EU relations. The views expressed in these analysis posts are those of the authors and not necessarily those of The UK in a Changing Europe.


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