Brexit misperceptions and predictions

The British public are wrong on key facts about Brexit and the impact of EU membership. Only 29% of us correctly identify that immigrants from European countries pay £4.7 billion more in taxes than they receive in welfare benefits and services, and more than half of us wrongly think that European immigration has increased crime in the UK.

We’re not particularly optimistic about what will happen when we do eventually leave the EU, either: only 14% expect their living standards to increase as a result of Brexit. But our relationship with Europe is about much more than economic outcomes, and people do believe that immigration, for example, will be brought under greater control.

These are just some of the findings of research by the Policy Institute at King’s College London, in partnership with Ipsos MORI and the UK in a Changing Europe. We will use this snapshot of public opinion to frame a broader discussion of the reality of our relationship with Europe, and what comes next.


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