Brexit: where are we and where are we headed

As part of the European Studies and Comparative Politics conference, this session will consider the state of the Brexit process both in terms of negotiations between the UK and the EU and within the UK itself. Panellists will go on to speculate as to how this process might unfold and with what consequences.


  • Anand Menon – Director of The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Catherine Barnard – Senior Fellow of The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Tom Nuttall – Charlemagne columnist, covers European politics and economics.
  • Ivan Rogers – KCMG, is the Former Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the European Union (2013-2017)
  • Herman Van Rompuy- President Emeritus European Council, Minister of State & President of the European Policy Centre

You can sign up to the event here. You can also contact Becky Plant at the ECPR on

Venue: Sciences Po, Amphitheater Leroy-Beaulieu, 27 rue Saint Guillaume, 75007 Paris

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