How might different trade arrangements impact different UK industries, regions and workers?

The EU is by far the UK’s biggest trade partner so any new barriers to UK-EU trade are likely to have a big impact on the UK economy. Because industries and regions differ in their dependence on access to EU markets and on their use of imports from the EU, they are likely to be affected differently by new trading arrangements.

This event will showcase new IFS research – funded by the ESRC’s UK in a Changing Europe Initiative – on the potential impacts of new trading arrangements with the EU on different industries, workers and regions. Presentations will cover questions such as:

  • How important is the EU as a source of exports and imports for different UK industries?
  • How important is the EU as hub through which UK output is exported to China, the US and other major economies?
  • Which workers and regions are most exposed to the problems and opportunities generated by new trade barriers to UK-EU trade after Brexit?


  • Professor L. Alan Winters, Director, UK Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex
  • Agnes Norris Keiller, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Peter Levell, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Paul JohnsonDirector, Institute for Fiscal Studies (chair)

Registration and refreshments will be from 9.00, with the event starting at 9.30.

This event is now fully booked. To be placed on the waiting list, please email with “Waiting list request – Who’s affected by brexit? (5th October 2018)” as the subject line.

Venue: RICS, 12 Great George Street, Parliament Square, London, SW1P 3AD

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