Identities, democracy and Brexit

Since the referendum, there has been very little change in aggregate level attitudes to Brexit – or even individual level churn. Are Leave and Remain being consolidated as social and political identities? How is the politics of Brexit playing out in relation to British, English, Scottish and Welsh identities?

How well do party dynamics in House of Commons reflect and respond to social divisions across Britain? What is the relationship between the UK-level and devolved democratic institutions over Brexit. What is the scope for experimentalist forms of democracy, including democratic minipublics, to address these issues?


  • Anand Menon, Director of The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Lindsay Richards, Brexit research coordinator at The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Alan Renwick, Brexit research leader at The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Ailsa Henderson, Professor of Political Science, University of Edinburgh
  • Richard Wyn Jones, Director of Cardiff University’s Wales Governance and Dean of Public Affairs
  • Charlie Jeffery, Professor of Politics, University of Edinburgh
  • Daniel Wincott, Brexit team coordinator at The UK in a Changing Europe (chair)

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