On the brink of a no-deal Brexit: the town hall debate

When will this madness end? Britain is now facing one of the biggest constitutional crises in its history, as our political system remains deadlocked over the most important issue of our times: Brexit. Should the government try to extend Article 50? And is there any hope for a cross-party compromise on Brexit, so that we can resolve this issue and move on? Should we start stocking up on food and medicine, in case we crash out of the EU without a deal?

This event organised by Intelligence Squared will be staging a special town hall meeting with some of the country’s most prominent political leaders and Brexit experts.


  • Professor Anand Menon, Director, The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Kenneth Clarke, Conservative MP for Rushcliffe
  • Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley
  • Douglas Carswell, former UKIP MP for Clacton
  • Ian Paisley Jr, DUP MP North Antrim

Venue: Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London

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