Public attitudes to Brexit

Few issues have divided the nation as much as Brexit, with the country seemingly polarised between leave and remain. But what are the nuances behind these divides, how can they be explained, have they changed and what do they mean for the final outcome? By understanding this, charities can better understand how Brexit might unfold, its wider implications for society, and how to communicate to differing perspectives.

In the first in a series of Brexit seminars in collaboration with UK in a Changing Europe, Thomas Leeper, associate professor in politics at the London School of Economics, will explain the latest trends and insight into public attitudes to Brexit, followed by a Q&A. This session is aimed at senior managers, policy and external relations staff with an interest in Brexit and what it means for their organisation and its beneficiaries.

  • Dr Thomas J. Leeper – associate professor in political behaviour in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research on public opinion primarily focuses on how mass attitudes reflect an interaction between the broader information environment – including the mass media and political elites – and individual-level attributes – namely citizens’ expressed behaviours, psychological traits, social identities, and motivations.
  • Brendan Costelloe (chair) leading NCVO’s Brexit work programme, helping to identify the cross-cutting issues facing the charity sector, developing policy solutions to these challenges and co-ordinating cross-sector advocacy. Prior to this, he was a senior policy officer at the RSPB, working with the UK government and EU institutions to shape EU environmental legislation.

Venue: National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Society Building, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL

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