The Brexit talks – halfway to ‘nowhere’?

Soon after becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May announced not only that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ but also that ‘a citizen of the world is a citizen of nowhere’. As the half way point is reached in the two year Article 50 process, Matrix invites you to a seminar to discuss the likely destination of ‘Global Britain’ if it ceases to be a Member State of the European Union on 29 March 2019, and where that will leave UK citizens and businesses as they continue to travel and trade within the EU.


  • Professors Anand Menon, Director at The UK in a Changing Europe
  • Sir Martin Donnelly, former permanent secretary at the Department of Business, Industry and Skills and Department for International Trade
  • Takis Tridimas of Kings College London
  • Jessica Simor QC
  • Rhodri Thompson QC

The speakers will discuss:

  • the possible form of any compromise that could be reached between the UK and the EU, including in respect of the free movement of persons and dispute resolution
  • any further agreement between the UK and the EU in respect of the withdrawal agreement, transitional arrangements and any longer term relationship
  • how any final decision could be reached in Parliament or by some form of further popular vote, whether in another referendum or a general election.

To RSVP, please email

Venue: Matrix Chambers, Griffin Building, Gray’s Inn, London, WC1R 5LN

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