The EU Referendum in the United Kingdom – the view from the nations and regions


The referendum on 23 June on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union has a distinct impact within the devolved nations and regions. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland look at the EU in distinct ways and have particular interests in the debate.

So how do each of the regions differ in their opinion? Scotland leans strongly towards remaining in the EU and a Brexit vote could trigger another independence referendum. Opinion in Northern Ireland is sharply divided between the nationalist and unionist communities and a Brexit could pose issues for the peace agreement as well as hardening the border with the Republic of Ireland. In all three cases, the process of devolution is linked to the European framework and there are demands for a more effective say in EU policy making if the UK decides to remain.

In this seminar we will discuss these issues and their wider European repercussions with a panel of academic specialists from Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The seminar is open to all but please register in advance.



Venue: University Foundation, Egmontstraat, 11 rue d’Egmont, Brussels, Belgium, 1000

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