The NHS and UK health law: where now after Brexit?

This event, will examine the state of play in relation to the impact of Brexit on the law and regulation of the NHS and health care delivery post Brexit. It draws upon a report published in December 2018 and on-going research with stakeholders involved in the delivery of health care services drawn from across the UK, with specific reference to the Brexit challenges facing the devolved jurisdictions.

The project team:

  • Principal Investigator, Professor Jean McHale, University of Birmingham,
  • Co-investigators, Professor Tamara Hervey,
  • Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law at the University of Sheffield
  • Dr Mark Flear, Senior Lecturer at Queens University Belfast and Research Fellow
  • Ms Elizabeth Speakman, University of Birmingham.

The event is free but please register your attendance via Eventbrite.

Venue: University of Birmingham Brussels Office Avenue d’Auderghem 22-28 Oudergem selaan B-1040 Bruxelles.

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