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In the run-up to the UK referendum on continued EU membership, opinions are divided and very pronounced. Most agree that this is one of the most important decisions in this decade for the electorate to take. The polls suggest that the referendum will be contested, and each individual vote (or individual decision not to vote) will make a difference. In order to make a responsible decision, a reflection on facts is necessary. This event provides an opportunity for such a reflection and the chance to put questions to experts from renowned universities and research institutes from all over the UK (including Northern Ireland). We offer the opportunity to put questions through electronic media and on paper before and during the event, to ensure that all questions are floated and answered.

As to terminology: we do not refer to “BREXIT” in Northern Ireland. If this referendum only were about the question whether Britain leaves the EU, this would not matter regionally, after all [or it would matter differently, as questions how to severe Northern Ireland from Britain would have to be resolved). Also, BREXIT stresses the exit, while “UK Referendum” is more neutral

Proposed structure

This event, rather close to the referendum itself, should offer a space for providing information on the potential consequences of the referendum’s outcomes. This means that we should give information on the relevance of EU membership and an eventual decision of the UK to withdraw from the EU, mainly answering questions by life and virtual audiences. To start the event, each of the experts should only give a very short “taster” in the form of a 3 minute statement max – which means that we have a 15 – 20 minutes introductory “slot”. Our chair will surely provide a lively introduction to this, and also lead over to direct specific questions to the appropriate expert.


  • Professor Anand Menon, King’s College London, specialty in EU membership and the UK
  • Professor Catherine Barnard, Cambridge University speaking on EU membership and rights of people
  • Dr Lee McGowan, Queen’s University Belfast speaking on EU membership and Northern Ireland
  • Angus Armstrong, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, will be discussing EU Membership and the economic situation of the UK
  • Professor Dagmar Schiek, Queen’s University Belfast speaking on EU membership and Northern Ireland – legal issues deriving from EU law, and agreements between the UK and Republic of Ireland on Northern Ireland
  • Chair – Declan Lawn, BBC Reporter

Click here for more information. The event is free but you will need to register to book a place.

Venue: Lanyon Building, Canada Room, university road, Belfast

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