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09 Mar 2023

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Science Gallery London, Great Maze Pond, London, UK


Politics and Society

This conference, jointly hosted by UK in a Changing Europe and the Migration Observatory at Oxford University, brings together the UK’s leading experts on migration policy. The panel will look at the current state of the migration system, the issues facing policymakers, and the future trends likely to emerge.

Speakers include: Alan Manning, the former chair of the government’s Migration Advisory Committee; UKICE Senior Fellows Catherine Barnard and Jonathan Portes; UKICE researcher Sophie Stowers; and Migration Observatory Director Madeleine Sumption.


09:00, Guests arrive

09:30-09:40, Introduction

Anand Menon (UKICE)

09:40-11:00, Looking back on free movement/EU Settlement Scheme

Donald Houston (University of Portsmouth and UKICE) [download slides]
Catherine Barnard (University of Cambridge and UKICE) [download slides]
Kuba Jablonowski (University of Exeter/The 3 million) [download slides]
Charlotte O’Brien (University of York) [download slides]

11:00-11:30, Coffee

11:30-12:45, Impacts of the new system

Madeleine Sumption (Migration Observatory, University of Oxford) [download slides]
John Springford (Centre for European Reform) [download slides]

12:45-13:30, Lunch

13:30-14:30, Refugees and asylum

Sherine El Taraboulsi-McCarthy (National Centre for Social Research) [download slides]
Colin Yeo (Garden Court Chambers and [download slides]

14:30-15:30, Public opinion/political economy of migration

James Kanagasooriam (Focaldata and UKICE) [download slides]
Heather Rolfe (British Future) [download slides]
Sophie Stowers (UKICE)

15:30-16:00, Break

16:00-17:00, Looking forward – where does migration policy go from here?

Alan Manning (LSE) [download slides]
Madeleine Sumption (Migration Observatory, University of Oxford)




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