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03 Mar 2022

2:00 pm to 3:30 pm


With Stormont elections due in May and the political system in a state of upheaval, making sense of patterns of identity and public attitudes towards politics and government in Northern Ireland has taken on a renewed urgency. Drawing on two innovative projects in the Governance after Brexit programme, Dr Clare Rice, Professor Katy Hayward and Dr Lisa Claire Whitten will get beyond the headlines and dig more deeply into matters of identity and public opinion in the latest ‘Research Insight’ event. Their presentations will uncover the multi-dimensional complexity of identities in Northern Ireland and explore what voters in Northern Ireland think about the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

  • Dr Clare Rice, University of Liverpool, will draw on evidence from the ‘Performing Identities’ project.
  • Professor Katy Hayward and Dr Lisa Claire Whitten, Queens University Belfast, will present evidence from the fourth wave of the Testing the Temperature poll, an ongoing survey that forms part of the ‘Post-Brexit Governance NI’ project.

The event will be live on YouTube and Slido.



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