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03 May 2022

1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Politics and Society

Our next Research Insights event considers migration, citizenship and immigration status under the UK’s EU Settlement Scheme. It combines a broad view of what Migration Research can tell us about the UK’s citizenship and immigration regime after Brexit, with detailed work on the structure and implementation of the EU Settlement Scheme – particularly how it uses digital policy tools.

What can research into Brexit and citizen’s rights tell us about the UK’s approach to bordering, migration and citizenship? What gaps remain in our knowledge?  Implementing the EU Settlement Scheme revealed significant gaps in what government knew about EU citizens resident in the UK. How does the Scheme’s system for gathering and recording data on EU citizens work in practice? Will it provide effective guarantees of their rights?

Presenting findings from their project ‘Rebordering Britain and Britons after Brexit’, Professor Michaela Benson, Professor Nando Sigona, Dr Elena Zambelli and Dr Catherine Craven offer a critical review of Brexit research within migration studies, drawing attention to what this body of work overlooks and makes visible about the changing migration-citizenship nexus in the UK.

Drawing on their research on Algorithmic Politics and Administrative Justice in the EU Settlement Scheme, Dr Kuba Jablonowski and Dr Sam Kinsley focus on EU citizens’ immigration status under the EU Settlement Scheme, considering the implications of the Scheme’s digital records system for the transactional character of immigration status and the nature of UK’s borders.

You can watch the event on YouTube or Slido on Tuesday 3 May.


Professor Michaela Benson

Professor Michaela Benson

Professor in Public Sociology at Lancaster University

Professor Nando Sigona

Professor Nando Sigona

Director of IRiS and Chair of International Migration and Forced Displacement at the University of Birmingham

Dr Sam Kinsley

Dr Sam Kinsley

Senior Lecturer in Human Geographies at the University of Exeter

 Dr Kuba Jablonowski

Dr Kuba Jablonowski

Research Fellow and Lecturer in Geography at the University of Exeter



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