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MPs’ second jobs and outside interests

12 Jan 2023

Sophie Stowers looks at the rules around MPs and financial interests, and the receipt of money from external sources such as second jobs.

The Single Electricity Market in Ireland and Northern Ireland

29 Nov 2022

Lisa Claire Whitten and Niall Robb explain how the Single Electricity Market works on the island of Ireland post-Brexit.

Parliamentary boundary reviews

11 Nov 2022

This explainer outlines what a boundary review is, how Boundary Commissions work, and what the 2023 Review could mean for the next election.

Gilt yields

01 Nov 2022

Stephen Hunsaker explains how gilts work, the difference between the gilt yield and the coupon rate, and the relationship with interest rates. 

Italian general election

23 Sep 2022

Research Associate Joël Reland explains Italy's political system ahead of the Italian general election on 25 September.

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