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Development banks

14 Sep 2023

Stephen Hunsaker and Peter Jurkovic explain what development banks are, including their key features and functions.

The European Investment Bank

14 Sep 2023

Stephen Hunsaker and Peter Jurkovic explain what the European Investment Bank is and how it is structured.

The UK’s border with the EU

07 Sep 2023

Peter Jurkovic explains why controls are needed at the GB-EU border, what controls the UK plans to introduce, and why they have been delayed.


26 Jun 2023

Peter Jurkovic explains what semiconductors are and why they have become such a hot international topic.

Strikes, essential services, and minimum service levels

30 Jan 2023

This explainer sets out how strikes are currently regulated in the UK, and what the new Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill would change.

The Single Electricity Market in Ireland and Northern Ireland

29 Nov 2022

Lisa Claire Whitten and Niall Robb explain how the Single Electricity Market works on the island of Ireland post-Brexit.

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