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Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland


08 Apr 2021

What is the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland? How is it governed? How is trade impacted? This explainer has all you need to know.


Mobility rights for service providers and the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Dr Emilija Leinarte and Professor Catherine Barnard

11 Mar 2021

Catherine Barnard and Emilija Leinarte on mobility rights for service providers and the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

EU vaccine

The EU vaccine programme

Joël Reland

09 Feb 2021

Joël Reland answers the key questions about the EU vaccine programme, including whether the EU will ban vaccine exports to the UK.


Health insurance in the Brexit deal

Professor Tamara Hervey

21 Jan 2021

Professor Tammy Hervey explains what the Brexit agreement means to health insurance for both EU and UK nationals and their families


What does the Brexit deal mean?

Matt Bevington

20 Jan 2021

Matt Bevington answers some key questions around the Brexit deal, including on sovereignty, future UK-EU negotiations and trade barriers.

What does a level playing field mean?

Dr John Paul Salter

23 Nov 2020

Dr John-Paul Salter explains what is meant by the term level playing field in the Brexit negotiations and why is it so contentious.

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