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Fishing: why is it such a tricky issue in UK-EU negotiations?

Matt Bevington

11 Nov 2020

Why is fishing such a point sticking point in the Brexit negotiations? What do both sides want? Matt Bevington explains.

Ratification of a Brexit deal

Matt Bevington

26 Oct 2020

Matt Bevington explains the ratification process and what happens once a Brexit deal is reached with the EU.

What is an ‘Australian-style’ deal?

Matt Bevington

08 Sep 2020

What is the EU’s trading arrangement with Australia? If there is no deal, would the UK trade on similar terms in an 'Australian-style' deal?

An EU presence in Northern Ireland after Brexit

Professor Katy Hayward

09 Apr 2020

What Covid-19 means for the transition period

Matt Bevington

03 Apr 2020

Negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship – the practical details

Professor Hussein Kassim

05 Mar 2020

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