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Replacing Scotland’s First Minister

Dr Judith Sijstermans

01 Mar 2023

Judith Sijstermans sets out how SNP leadership contests work and how Sturgeon’s replacement as Scotland's First Minister will be selected.

Single Electricity Market

The Single Electricity Market in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Dr Lisa Claire Whitten and Niall Robb

29 Nov 2022

Lisa Claire Whitten and Niall Robb explain how the Single Electricity Market works on the island of Ireland post-Brexit.

Northern Ireland Assembly Election explainer

Northern Ireland Assembly Election – #NIA22

Dr Lisa Claire Whitten

29 Apr 2022

In a new explainer article, Lisa Claire Whitten unpacks the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly Election, from candidates to the electoral system.

Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland


08 Apr 2021

What is the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland? How is it governed? How is trade impacted? This explainer has all you need to know.


Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol

Dr Clare Rice

08 Feb 2021

Clare Rice looks at the Article 16 Protocol what it entails, how it works and what would using it mean for UK, EU and Ireland trade relations


The Internal Market Bill and Northern Ireland: where it comes from and what it might mean

Professor Katy Hayward

25 Sep 2020

Professor Katy Hayward explains the significance of the UK Internal Market Bill for Northern Ireland, looking at its origin and implications.

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