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Party conferences

Alex Walker and Dr Alan Wager

04 Oct 2023

Alan Wager explains the purpose of political party conferences and the difference between the annual Labour and Conservative events.

Covid inquiry government

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry

Alex Walker

03 Aug 2023

Alex Walker explains what a public inquiry is, why the Covid-19 Inquiry was established, what it aims to find out and how it is structured.

Johnson Privileges Committee

The Privileges Committee

Alex Walker and Peter Jurkovic

13 Jun 2023

Peter Jurkovic and Alex Walker set out the role of the Privileges Committee and explain why it conducted an inquiry into Boris Johnson.

MPs second jobs

MPs’ second jobs and outside interests

Sophie Stowers

12 Jan 2023

Sophie Stowers looks at the rules around MPs and financial interests, and the receipt of money from external sources such as second jobs.

Northern Ireland Assembly Election explainer

Northern Ireland Assembly Election – #NIA22

Dr Lisa Claire Whitten

29 Apr 2022

In a new explainer article, Lisa Claire Whitten unpacks the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly Election, from candidates to the electoral system.

parliamentary standards

Parliamentary standards and MPs’ behaviour

Dr Alan Wager and Jill Rutter

11 Nov 2021

The breaching of parliamentary standards is all over the news lately. What does it mean and what are the consequences? Alan Wager explains.

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