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The E3

Kamila Kwapińska and Professor Richard Whitman

30 Oct 2023

Kamila Kwapińska and Richard G. Whitman explain what the E3 is, why it was established, the UK’s position on it, and how it might evolve.

EU UK relationship

How does the EU organise and manage its relationship with the UK post-Brexit?

Dr Cleo Davies and Professor Hussein Kassim

10 Oct 2023

This explainer sets out how the EU UK relationship is structured and how decisions are taken on the EU side.


The European Political Community

Peter Jurkovic

05 Oct 2023

This explainer outlines what the European Political Community (EPC) is, what purpose it aims to serve, and how it will affect the UK.

Party conferences

Alex Walker and Dr Alan Wager

04 Oct 2023

Alan Wager explains the purpose of political party conferences and the difference between the annual Labour and Conservative events.

Implementing the Windsor Framework

Dr Lisa Claire Whitten and Professor David Phinnemore

03 Oct 2023

David Phinnemore and Lisa Claire Whitten explain what the Windsor Framework is and how it operates in practice.

Development banks

Peter Jurkovic and Stephen Hunsaker

14 Sep 2023

Stephen Hunsaker and Peter Jurkovic explain what development banks are, including their key features and functions.

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