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How does the EU organise and manage its relationship with the UK post-Brexit?

10 Oct 2023

This explainer sets out how the EU UK relationship is structured and how decisions are taken on the EU side.

The European Political Community

05 Oct 2023

This explainer outlines what the European Political Community (EPC) is, what purpose it aims to serve, and how it will affect the UK.

The European Investment Bank

14 Sep 2023

Stephen Hunsaker and Peter Jurkovic explain what the European Investment Bank is and how it is structured.

The Presidency of the Council of the European Union

30 Jun 2023

This explainer outlines what the Presidency of the Council of the EU is and what the Spanish Presidency’s priorities are.

UK and EU responses to the war in Ukraine

30 May 2023

This explainer looks at the UK and EU responses to the war in Ukraine, setting out how they have been providing assistance to Ukraine.

Italian general election

23 Sep 2022

Research Associate Joël Reland explains Italy's political system ahead of the Italian general election on 25 September.

The Ukraine-EU Relationship

03 Mar 2022

In this new Explainer piece, Joël Reland assesses the history of the Ukraine-EU relationship following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

German elections preview

23 Sep 2021

Joël Reland assesses the German electoral system, the role of chancellor and more in this Explainer on the 2021 election.

The EU and the rule of law

03 Jul 2021

How are rule of law disputes affecting internal EU relations? Sarah Overton investigates the cases of Hungary and Poland in this Explainer.

EU-Switzerland Negotiations on a Framework Agreement

07 Jun 2021

EU-Switzerland negotiations on an Institutional Framework Agreement have failed. Sarah Overton of UKICE explores what went wrong.

The EU vaccine programme

09 Feb 2021

Joël Reland answers the key questions about the EU vaccine programme, including whether the EU will ban vaccine exports to the UK.

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