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Belfast Harbour

Regulatory divergence and the Windsor Framework

Joël Reland

14 Feb 2024

Joël Reland explains UK-EU regulatory divergence and how it will be affected by the new Windsor Framework. 

The UK’s border with the EU

Joël Reland and Peter Jurkovic

30 Jan 2024

Peter Jurkovic and Joël Reland explain why controls are needed at the GB-EU border, what controls the UK plans to introduce, and why they have been delayed.

EU UK relationship

How does the EU organise and manage its relationship with the UK post-Brexit?

Dr Cleo Davies and Professor Hussein Kassim

10 Oct 2023

This explainer sets out how the EU UK relationship is structured and how decisions are taken on the EU side.

Implementing the Windsor Framework

Dr Lisa Claire Whitten and Professor David Phinnemore

03 Oct 2023

David Phinnemore and Lisa Claire Whitten explain what the Windsor Framework is and how it operates in practice.

UK army IR23

Integrated Review Refresh 2023

Peter Jurkovic and Tom Howe

23 Mar 2023

This explainer looks at the Integrated Review Refresh 2023 (IR23) and sets out how it differs from the original 2021 Integrated Review.

Single Electricity Market

The Single Electricity Market in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Dr Lisa Claire Whitten and Niall Robb

29 Nov 2022

Lisa Claire Whitten and Niall Robb explain how the Single Electricity Market works on the island of Ireland post-Brexit.

bill of rights bill explainer

The Bill of Rights Bill

Dr Alice Donald

11 Jul 2022

Alice Donald presents a detailed explanation of the newly announced Bill of Rights Bill.


Migrant crossings on the English Channel

Sarah Overton

21 Oct 2021

As shown in this Explainer by Sarah Overton, more migrant crossings have happened so far in 2021 than in 2020 and 2019 combined.


UK asylum policy after Brexit

Sarah Overton

29 Jul 2021

The UK's asylum policy has gone through various changes after Brexit, impacting UK-EU and international relations. Sarah Overton explains.

The French regional elections

Joël Reland

24 Jun 2021

This piece explains what happened in the first and second rounds of the French elections and what – if anything – we can learn ahead of next year’s French Presidential election.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sir David Attenborough

UK and EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Schemes

Joël Reland and Sarah Overton

04 Jun 2021

Joel Reland and Sarah Overton explore the past, present and future of the new UK Emissions Trading Scheme, and the contrast with EU policy.

EU Migrant

UK citizens in the EU: what you need to know

Joël Reland

27 Apr 2021

Joel Reland looks at the position of UK citizens who live – or want to live – in EU and EEA member states, other than Ireland.

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