In-depth explanations of key Brexit issues

Dr Costantino Grasso
The European Arrest Warrant (EAW)

What is the EAW? The European Arrest Warrant is the most important legal instrument developed in the…

Professor Hussein Kassim
The Council of the European Union

What is the Council of the European Union? The Council of the European Union is one of…

Professor Hussein Kassim
The EU: institutions explained

The EU institutions: what are they? The EU system enables member states to work together in pursuit…

Professor Damian Chalmers
The Court of Justice

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) is the European Union’s court.  It is a…

Dr Paul Stephenson
The EU’s anti-fraud apparatus

The EU’s annual budget is roughly €140 billion (£110 billion), representing just over 1% of the total…

Brexit and a British Bill of Rights: four scenarios for human rights

Theresa May recently raised the option of the UK staying within the EU, but leaving the European…

17 May 2016
Professor Hussein Kassim
The European Commission

What is the European Commission, and why was it created? When people talk about ‘Brussels’ or ‘Eurocrats’,…

Dr N. Piers Ludlow
The history of the EU: the European name game

One of the confusing aspects of the European integration process has been the constantly evolving names of…

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