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EU-Switzerland Negotiations on a Framework Agreement

07 Jun 2021

EU-Switzerland negotiations on an Institutional Framework Agreement have failed. Sarah Overton of UKICE explores what went wrong.

UK and EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Schemes

04 Jun 2021

Joel Reland and Sarah Overton explore the past, present and future of the new UK Emissions Trading Scheme, and the contrast with EU policy.

G7 Summit: everything you need to know

27 May 2021

Joel Reland on what you need to know about the G7 Summit and how the UK could use this opportunity to reassert itself in the post-Brexit era.

UK citizens in the EU: what you need to know

27 Apr 2021

Joel Reland looks at the position of UK citizens who live – or want to live – in EU and EEA member states, other than Ireland.

May 2021 elections: what is at stake?

16 Apr 2021

What is at stake in the May 2021 elections? How do the devolved and local elections work? And what should you look out for in the results?

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