In-depth explanations of key Brexit issues

A three minute guide on immigration

Introduction Immigration has been one of the issues at the heart of the EU referendum debate. This…

15 June 2016
A two minute guide on the campaigns

Introduction What are the main groups on each side of the debate? And who are the key…

15 June 2016
A three minute guide on foreign policy

Introduction When Prime Minister David Cameron announced the date of the referendum in February he argued Britain…

A history of the UK’s EU membership

1951: European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) is founded by the Treaty of Paris. The members are…

A three minute guide on the economy

Introduction The economy has played a major role in the referendum campaign, with both sides presenting competing…

15 June 2016
Dr Costantino Grasso
The European Arrest Warrant (EAW)

What is the EAW? The European Arrest Warrant is the most important legal instrument developed in the…

Professor Hussein Kassim
The Council of the European Union

What is the Council of the European Union? The Council of the European Union is one of…

Professor Hussein Kassim
The EU: institutions explained

The EU institutions: what are they? The EU system enables member states to work together in pursuit…

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