Views in Wales on the European Union

Views in Wales on the European Union in general differ little from those in England. Wales has been for some years a recipient of significant EU Objective I funding. There is also a very long-standing tendency for Wales to vote more for parties of the centre-left, whose supporters tend to be more pro-EU than those of the Conservative party. Despite these factors detailed surveys indicated that broad attitudes towards the EU in Wales are little, if at all, more favourable than in England; voting intentions on the forthcoming EU membership referendum tend also to be very similar, with Welsh voters at most only slightly more favourable to EU membership. For example, a YouGov survey carried out for Cardiff and Edinburgh in September 2015 found 42% of Welsh voters indicating they would vote to remain in the EU and 38% suggesting they would vote to leave (with the remainder either being unsure or likely not to vote); a simultaneous survey in England found 40% of respondents suggesting they would vote to remain and 43% suggesting they would vote to leave. Wales thus contrasts somewhat with Scotland, where attitudes to the EU and (to an even greater extent) referendum voting intentions do tend to be somewhat more positive than in England.

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