Which Conservative ministers are campaigning to Leave and Remain in the EU?

As part of the arrangements for the referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron allowed members of his party to have a free vote, despite it being agreed government policy to support membership. This means that Cabinet members – who normally have to express support for the government’s positions – are free to campaign and vote as they wish.

The large majority of Cabinet members support membership, including Cameron himself, Chancellor George Osborne, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Home Secretary Theresa May. In total 18 full Cabinet members support Remain.

Four full members support Leave: Justice Secretary Michael Gove, Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale and Commons Leader Chris Grayling. At the start of the campaigning, they had been joined by Iain Duncan Smith, but he has since resigned his post as Work and Pensions Secretary.

Beyond the Cabinet, Conservative MPs are split roughly 60:40 in favour of EU membership.

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