Will the UK still have to adhere to EU regulations in case of Brexit?

If there is a Brexit, the UK will have a minimum of two years to negotiate the terms of its withdrawal and, possibly, a future relationship between the EU and the UK. One possibility is the ‘Norwegian model’ where the UK joins the EEA. This is the closest to the current position, at least in respect of single market matters: the UK will continue to abide by EU rules, albeit without any say in the adoption of new rules. If the UK does not go down this route there are other options, including negotiating a free trade deal, where at least in the field of goods the UK will have free access to the EU market but on condition that its goods comply with EU rules, again without any formal say over the content of the new rules. Even if the UK does not have any future formal relationship with the EU, British companies wishing to sell their goods on EU markets with have to comply with EU product and safety standards, just as US and Chinese companies are obliged to.

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