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11 Jan 2016

Relationship with the EU


Nigel Lawson

Influential voices in the EU referendum campaign, including Nigel Lawson, will be joining academics, diplomats and business people at The UK in a Changing Europe’s one-day conference – What influence? The UK and Europe – tomorrow at King’s College London.

Conservatives for Britain president Lord Lawson of Blaby (11.30am – 12.30pm) will present: ‘The case for Brexit’.

Other significant voices speaking at the conference include Vote Leave’s research director Oliver Lewis and Open Europe’s co-director, Stephen Booth and communications director Nina Schick.

The one-day conference will critically examine the influence the UK exerts in the European Union and will address five key questions:

  • Is the UK a maker or taker of EU decisions and structures?
  • Is the UK marginalized in EU institutions?
  • Does the UK get what it wants from the single market?
  • Has the UK lost control over its borders?
  • Does the EU increase, decrease or have no effect on the international influence of the UK?

Other panellists include The Economist’s Anne McElvoy, former UK diplomat Sir Stephen Wall, the Institute of Directors head of Europe and Trade Policy Allie Renison, and Centre for European Reform director Charles Grant.

Professor Simon Hix, LSE, and Professor Hussein Kassim, UEA, both senior fellows of The UK in a Changing Europe, are organising the event.

Professor Hix has published four significant pieces into the UK’s influence in the European Union:

Professor Kassim has written extensively on EU institutions, as well as on how the UK manages its relationship with the EU.

Professor Anand Menon, director of The UK in a Changing Europe said: “The influence the UK exerts over the European Union is a major issue of contention. This important event will unpack this hotly debated topic enabling people to make an informed choice when casting their vote on whether the UK should leave or remain a member of the European Union.”

Event details: Time: 10am to 6pm. Venue: The Council room, King’s Building, Strand Campus, London, WC2R 2LS

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